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Case Openers and Closers
Bergeon watch tools Vise—The Ultimate Waterproof Watch Case Opener and Closer
The Bergeon watch tools 5700A contains everything you need to safely and easily open and close waterproof watches. The vise comes complete with jaws for watch cases with square notches, straight edges, curved edges, and for Rolex Oyster, Aquastar, and cases with holes. It also comes with four pairs of reversible case holder jaws, set of six round upper suction heads, three round lower section heads, and a wood stand for mounting.
Our number CO5700A $650.00
Bergeon watch tools Crystal Press
The sturdy Bergeon watch tools Crystal Press is made of die case iron with a chrome finish. It is designed for fitting unbreakable crystals with tension rings and comes with ten dies. It is not suitable for mineral crystals.
Our number CO5500C $259.00
Bergeon watch tools Oyster key opener for Rolex watches
Six precision-milled jaws are designed to fit all six sizes of Rolex Oyster cases. Handle provides torque to make opening easy. Swiss made.
Our number CO5537 $135.00 
L-G Master case opener for waterproof watches
High quality wrench opens any size or shape case with any number of slots, notches or holes. Tight, non-slip grip. Supplied with four sets of interchangeable jaw pins.
Our number CO600 $49.00 
"Openall" waterproof-case wrench
The six tempered rings are designed to all Rolex Oyster cases. The cast frame is designed to fit into a bench vise. This is also made to accommodate the L-G Master case opener (shown above).
Our number CO650 $79.00
Universal case opener
Economy wrench designed for every size and shape of watch with an odd or even number of holes. Supplied with fitted case and four sets of interchangeable jaw pins.
Our number CO600K $14.95 
Swiss Pocket Knife
This Swiss made knife has a short notched, non-cutting blade specifically designed for opening watch cases, and a very sharp longer blade for general use. Both blades are made of anti-magnetic
stainless steel. The knife measures 3½" closed, and is manufactured by the maker of the famous Swiss Army Knife.
Our number KN883 $19.50 
Bench Knife
Our standard bench knife also serves as a utilitarian watch tool–great
for opening snap back watches, and for scraping or prying. Its steel
blade is set in a sturdy hardwood handle. Overall length is 5½".
Our number KN625 $3.25 
"Easy Snap" watch case closer
A durable, long-lasting, metal unit. The dies are made of nylon to prevent scratches on crystals. Dies snap on and off quickly and easily.
Our number CO790 $35.00 
Case closing pliers
Great for closing watch backs when extra leverage is needed. Rubber-lined jaws help eliminate scratching and breaking crystals.
Our number PLS82 $15.95 
Economical, plastic watch case closer
Designed to handle all watch sizes including those with flat and raised crystals. 12 two-sided dies for 24 sizes.
Our number CO750 was $29.95 now $19.95
One of the most practical ways to remove friction pins from watch bracelets. The grooved blocks holds the bracelet steady so a light tap of the hammer on the bunch removes the pin. Replaceable 0.8 and 1.0mm pins are made of tempered steel and secured by set screws.
Our Number WA100P $23.80
WA1008P 0.8mm replacement unit $4.50
WA1008TIP 0.8mm replacement tips (pack of 6) $4.85
WA10010P 1.0mm replacement unit $4.50
WA10010TIP 1.0mm replacement tips (pack of 6) $4.85
Bracelet Sizing Pliers
Size bracelets and replace pins without using a hammer and punch. These sizing pliers work quickly and smoothly without damage of marring the bracelet. Both 0.8mm and 1.0mm pins are supplied, as are easy to follow instructions.
Our Number WA460…Bracelet sizing pliers…Regular Price $24.95 Special $22.95
Our Number WA4608P…0.8mm replacement pins…$3.60/pack of 5
Our Number WA4601P…1.0mm replacement pins…$3.60/pack of 5
Our Number WA4608…0.8mm complete replacement punch point…$4.00
Our Number WA4601…1.08mm complete replacement punch point…$4.00
Link Pin Remover
Turn the screw and easily remove pins from metal link bands. Supplied with a spacer to accommodate thinner bracelets. The pusher pin is made of hardened tool steel; the unit is made of Keltec II glass filled nylon.
Our Number WA118P $15.50
WA118IP replacement pin $2.45
Screw Removing Watch Tool
This Swiss made tool is perfect for removing screws from Gucci and other high-fashion watches. Blades are recessed in high impact nylon to prevent scratching. Supplied with two extra blades.
Our Number WA119 $29.95

Hole Punching Pliers
Easily punch 2mm holes in leather or plastic watchbands with this handy tool.
Our Number PLS138 $10.95
Spring Bar Watch Tool

Remove, measure and insert all types of spring bars
Our Number SB3153 $5.95
Extra Tips
Flat Our Number SB3153A $0.95  Points Our Number SB3153B $0.95
Clip Spring Removing Pliers
An essential tool for adjusting the length of expandable watch bands. The flat jaw rests on top of the link and the pointed tip fits under the clip spring. By gently squeezing, the clip spring pops up and be easily removed.
Our Number PLS136 $9.95

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