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Rapport watch winders are beautiful and valuable pieces of craftsmanship. They make wonderful gifts and collectors' items. Many, however, don't realize how important a watch winder is to keep automatic watches in good condition and ensure the long life of the watch motions.
An automatic watch needs to be either worn or wound by hand regularly or the watch will wind down and stop. Winding by hand and resetting most watches can be accomplished without too much inconvenience but some watches with more complications really are quite difficult to reset once they have wound down.
Watches with screw-down crowns present a specific problem - thread wear. Every time one unscrews the crown to wind and reset the watch additional wear and tear is put on the screw heads as well as any gaskets used to maintain a water-resistant seal.
A good quality winder can also prevent the problem of bad oil distribution when a watch winds down. Mechanical watches use oil to reduce friction in the many moving parts in the watch movement. When the watch is wound and running, the oil is naturally and evenly distributed. When the watch stops the oil begins to settle. The next time the watch runs, some of the moving parts will not be lubricated. This will affect the time keeping and will cut short the life of the watch movement.

New High-Class Watch Winder for Testing and Repair Shops / Uhrenbeweger Shop in deutsch

The company MTE Motion Tech Engineering is well known as German manufacturer of fine and sophisticated Watch Winders as well as specialist for motion drives. Since the beginning of the invention of Watch Winders they provide the watch industry, watch repair shops and the watch retailers with their devices and winder installation modules worldwide. By end of this year they will introduce two totally new MTE developed Watch Winders for testing and repair shops for highest demands on quality and reliability. Watch-Collector_big.jpg Its robust and super silent drive with 12 respectively 24 watch retaining springs is designed to carry automatic wrist watches with maximum weights. Case holders for watches without straps will be provided optional. These Watch Winders have a secure stability especially because of the own weight of its massive but shapely body. All rotating elements are supported by ball bearings. The components are made out of aluminum and steel. Its design looks distinctive and modern and fits excellent in the technical environment of the repair shop and watch manufacturer. Injuries and damages by accidentally interference of the rotating unit are prevented by a security construction of the drive. The rotation direction can be changed by switch at any moment. Not only the handling is very easy but even the maintenance could be done easily by the customer himself. The long life and maintenance free drive is designed for long-term operation. Security mechanism and easy handling allow a smooth application during development tests, test runs and maintenance activities for automatic wrist watches.
The name of the Watch Winders are
BIG 3 (for up to 12 watches)
and BIG 6 (for up to 24 watches)

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